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Sheraton Desert Oasis – VESPRO

Sheraton Desert Oasis

Project Info

The Sheraton Desert Oasis is a resort complex located within Scottsdale, Arizona.  The owner/operator of the property wanted to perform site and amenity updates to the property.  Vespro was selected to assist the ownership group in analyzing the existing conditions of the overall property and to ensure compliance with ADA guidelines for accessibility.  Vespro’s work began with detailed site reconnaissance and completing full property topographic survey. Once the detailed data was gathered, the team assessed the conditions to determine if any enhancements would need to be made to allow for safe and proper access to all the resort’s guest areas and amenities.  Once the analysis was completed, evaluation with the ownership group was initiated to provide a proposed scope of improvements.  With that, Vespro then prepared construction documents for the retrofit work to be performed by the contractors.

Sheraton Desert Oasis
May 24, 2017
Scottsdale, AZ